The Arkansas Ambulatory Surgery Association is a statewide, non-profit association representing the interest of the industry in the State of Arkansas and nationally.  AASA serves as an advocate for our members before the state legislature, state and federal regulatory agencies, third-party payers and the public.

We are an organization of ambulatory surgery centers in the State of Arkansas. Our membership is inclusive of all ambulatory surgery centers. Our purpose is to educate our membership about current/best demonstrated practices in our industry, to advocate on behalf of our industry at local, state, and national levels as needed, and to develop and encourage the practice of high standards of professional conduct among individuals providing ambulatory surgical care.


  • To engage in activities to disseminate information relating to ASC’s to the public
  • To provide a strong unified voice to address issues of concern to ASC’s
  • To promote interaction and communications among the association’s members
  • To engage in any activity which will promote the ASC industry.
  • To monitor and influence healthcare legislation and policy in Arkansas and nationally.
  • To provide educational opportunities for the association’s members.

AASA is governed by the integrity of its members focusing on four major areas to promote the health and welfare of the ambulatory surgery center industry in Arkansas:


  • Develop relationship with Arkansas Department of Health.
  • Monitor ASC and healthcare legislation at the state and national levels.
  • Advise the State Legislature on ASC’s and healthcare issues.
  • Convey the industry’s message to regulatory agencies, state executive departments and the congressional delegation.
  • Advocate for insurance coverage and reasonable conditions of coverage by Medicare, Medicaid and private payers.


  • Conduct conferences, meetings and seminars to keep members current on clinical and administrative topics and trends that promote quality care and high professional standards.
  • Maintain a website for continuous flow of information to its members.
  • Present articles and insights written by healthcare and other professionals for the healthcare industry including personal development.


  • Develop liaison with other national and state organizations concerned with Arkansas’ healthcare delivery system and the ASC industry.
  • Provide opportunities for members to develop relationships at its quarterly membership and educational meetings.


  • Promote and inform the public and media of the benefits of the ASC industry.
  • Act as a resource of information for the ASC industry